FCIAC Cheerleading championships to air Feb. 8

HAN Network will record finals for special broadcast

After streaming the FCIAC cheerleading championships live on the Internet the last two years, the HAN Network has been forced to scale back its 2018 coverage due to copyright laws involving music used with the routines.

“The copyright laws protecting the music used during these performances prohibits us from live-streaming this content,” said Martin Hersam, CEO of HAN Network. “We’ve been unable to find an appropriate work-around to stay within the letter of the law. Therefore we will be sending HAN Network correspondents to interview and film portions of the event that are in keeping with these laws. We look forward to celebrating these athletes and their efforts on the HAN Network.”

The HAN Network will record routines and interview cheerleaders and coaches for recorded coverage of the competition.

“By recording routines and interviews we can still provide coverage of the FCIAC championships in this sport,” Hersam said.

The recorded coverage of the FCIAC Cheerleading finals will be Thursday, Feb. 8, at 2 p.m. on Nutmeg Sports with Frank Granito and Kevin Coleman.

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