Watch: Yankee Fisherman: Thursday, April 5

Egg hunt on the Deerfield, and the art of Jonathan Milo

Angler science and angling art share the spotlight on Yankee Fisherman, presented by The Dock Shop, on Thursday, April 5, at 1 p.m. at HAN.Network.

Watch the show below:

It’s a pre-Easter egg hunt on the Deerfield River in Massachusetts, where the Deerfield River Watershed Chapter of Trout Unlimited is continuing its study of wild spawning. No one knew, or had studied, if trout were spawning in the river until the TU volunteers started their study last fall. Now they’re back in the water, checking on the status of the redds, or nests, they found, and learning what species of trout are reproducing in the wild.

Then we visit the Monroe, Conn., studio of Jonathan Milo, whose art you may be familiar with, and who is the subject of a month-long show at the Edith Wheeler Library in Monroe opening with a reception from 7 to 9 p.m. Friday, April 6. Milo has painted some covers for Bassmaster magazine as the publication celebrates its 50th anniversary, and will display art depicting fishing, landscapes and more.

Yankee Fisherman is hosted by John Kovach, editorial director, host and announcer for the HAN Network. A native of New Jersey, Kovach has fished since his father first took him out as a child. Kovach fishes fresh and salt water, ties flies, dabbles in lure making and promotes conservation, including a leadership role in the Connecticut Council of Trout Unlimited.

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