Yankee Fisherman, Thursday, Aug. 17

The Fisherman's Mobile Weigh Station

Every catch-and-release angler has been there: You reel in a big one, you want to let it go but not before taking a photo, and you want to know how big it. Do you let it go, snap a shot or get out a rule and measure it?

Jimmy Sabatelli has a solution that fits in your smartphone: The Fisherman’s Mobile Weigh Station. His application allows you to take a shot of a fish with a reference point and let the fish swim away unharmed in less than 30 seconds. When you get home you can figure the length, and by adding the fish’s body type to the equation closely estimate the weight. You can post a photo to social media. And you can do it all knowing you let the fish go as quickly as possible.

Watch the show below:

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