Yankee Fisherman, Thursday, June 22, 2017

Diane's Bait, Tackle & Charters, and Burr's Marina

Yankee Fisherman travels to New London to visit Diane’s Bait, Tackle & Charters and Burr’s Marina, getting set for the first Fancy Fluke women’s fluke tournament on Saturday, June 24.

After Diane Womack shows us around her store, a real hub of the community, Adam Bergamo tells us about Burr’s Marina.

Diane’s and Burr’s Marina will host the Fancy Fluke Tournament this weekend. The captains’ meeting will be at Diane’s from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, June 23, with the tournament launching, then finishing at the marina Saturday, June 24. 

Watch the show below:

Black Hall Outfitters will host Fluke Fest this weekend, Saturday and Sunday.

We have word of a kayaking tragedy on the Long Island Sound.

Connecticut’s fish hatcheries, and the programs they support — stocking, Trout in the Classroom and Salmon in Schools — are again in a precarious position due to Connecticut’s budget crisis. This time it’s not direct cuts in funding, but a hiring freeze that is leaving the facilities understaffed. We’ll talk about what anglers can and should do to persuade the decision makers in Hartford that these fishing and conservation programs, which bring in more money than they cost, are too important to let wither away.

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