Yankee Fisherman, Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017

The life and fly fishing of Joe Brooks

Joe Brooks was a pioneer of fly fishing. But his life is much deeper than that, and our guest on Yankee Fisherman on the HAN Network Thursday, Nov. 16, at 1 p.m. will peel back some of those layers.

According to the website joebrooksdocumentary:

“Joe Brooks could have been a standout in multiple sports on a professional level. He was a great baseball player who played for a short time for the Baltimore Orioles. He was a bruising boxer, a scratch golfer and a hulking football player. Yet Joe, more than anything, was a legendary fly fisherman. Yes, he was a superb sportsman, but not just in the traditional sense of a man engaged in a particular sport, but rather as Webster’s dictionary’s secondary definition phrases it, “a person who is fair, generous,a good loser and a gracious winner.”

Watch the show below:

“But Joe had not always been described that way. Those who knew him early in life were familiar with a much different man. One who was troubled and angry. …

“But Joe had one overpowering passion that kept him from losing all sanity. The water spoke to him and the days he spent along the coasts and riverbanks casting a fly to lure a bass or trout gave him solace from the nightmare he was living. He loved this sport more than anything else in his lonely life. But that was soon to change.”

“The film tells the story of how his love Mary became the driving force behind his miraculous transformation and his tremendous impact on the sport of fly fishing.”

We’ll also talk about grants for local projects and a new state record.

Yankee Fisherman is hosted by John Kovach, editorial director, host and announcer for the HAN Network. A native of New Jersey, Kovach has fished since his father first took him out as a child. Kovach fishes fresh and salt water, ties flies, dabbles in lure making and promotes conservation, including a leadership role in the Connecticut Council of Trout Unlimited.

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